Happy Green Year

A belated happy new year fellow instgramers, bloggers and interior design fanatics! Hope you’re back into the swing of things for January…. which in my case means some kind of fad diet and 2 weeks at the gym sweating out cheese until I realise I am too impatient to wait for results and give up. It also means that we can start taking a look at what are going to be the top interior design trends for this year and starting to implement them in our home.

This year is going to be the year of the green! Take a deep breath, and let the outside fill you up inside. Be prepared for this colour (in every shade) to explode across the interior scene, it has been bubbling away under the service waiting for its turn to shine and here it comes.

Here is my round up of the top 3 ways to incorporate this colour into your life……can I get a hell yeah!


Try to think less Wizard of Oz the emerald green city and more the new classic elegance. Whilst the last few years have been all about the rise and rise again of Hague blue this really is what we needed for 2018 to re vamp our homes. This colour is best applied vigorously to a wall or three and if you’re feeling super daring then continue onto furniture as per this fabulous inspiration pic from Pinterest

Best teamed with gold for an elegant look, crisp white to keep it fresh or vintage wood this will work everywhere. Don’t be shy give it a try! (Yes I am that cheesy enthusiastic about this colour ha ha)


How amazing is this decor at Leo’s Oyster Bar in San Francisco?! Visually stunning it also houses the next green trend which is botanical, its a real mash up of art deco meets 50’s chintz and it totally works. This year you will start seeing botanical wallpaper popping up everywhere especially in commercial design like restaurants and bars and you can definitely carry this into your home.

If however it is all getting a little bit Kew Gardens for you then there is some great artwork out there of full bleed plant images and if you’re still nervous just start with a plant or two and see how it makes you feel.


Probably the easiest way to incorporate green into your home and quickly, furniture shops are in abundance of green sofas and feature arm chairs and with the Jan sales in full swing you are bound to be able to pick one up for cheap.

There are also an array of different shades of green fabric which allow you to experiment with the right one for your home, and if you’re worried about style most furniture shops do any style in any fabric (when too much choice is actually a bad thing!)

What’s great about this trend is you can incorporate as little or as much as you want, but what I will say is that you won’t find it hard to source as you notice the green seeping in all around you. And to be honest is that really a bad thing? We spend most of our lives indoors, in artificial lights, scurrying around looking down, I don’t think a bit of the outside coming in will do us any harm


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