Whether you like it or not ” holiday’s are comin’, holiday’s are comin’ ” (sung in the annual coca cola advert tune) I know that it only felt like the other day I was letting you know about Autumn trends, and now Christmas – yes I said it, is here.

However rather then dive in head first and start talking about trees, decorations and presents, instead have a look at some of the top table decorating trends for this Winter. As most of you know by now I am in the middle of renovating our house, and therefore we currently have no dining table or dining room! But where on earth do you eat?! I hear you cry…. well our laps have been serving us well for the last few months and will continue to do so until the breakfast bar is in place (what I like to call phase 2) Its a little frustrating trying to hoard mounds of spaghetti into ones mouth like some kind of deranged hibernating hamster without spilling anything but its what we have for the moment

So when wanting to write a post about table decorating I am doing one of two things, letting you know about all the fabulous different ways to ensure your Christmas table is the talk of the town for the festive period and cater to your theme (*I will go this this part later). Whilst also imagining that one of these is in fact my Christmas table to help me come to terms with the fact I don’t have one and probably won’t have one for a while, but the researching part is just as fun

If hosting a dinner party, lunch, picky bits with fizz soiree – whatever you are choosing to do during December then having a well prepared table is always a game changer. If you burn the nibbles or undercook the veg then fear not as people will be so utterly distracted by your beautiful table they won’t actually notice (I would add that constant topping up of alcoholic beverages does assist as well, but you didn’t hear it from me)

The table you will need to firstly match your theme of decorating that you have gone for throughout – as a miss match will not create the balanced winter cave extravaganza I know you are looking to achieve


This look has definitely become what I would call the norm for most people, it is incredibly simple and effective. Think woodland, natural, simple and cosy. It has almost a Nordic feel to it which I love – a real engagement with the senses, the smell of pine cones, cinnamon, mulled wine all to the back drop of a cosy fire or candles.

Key elements to creating his look are all about being simple and using nature, lots colour palettes are a no no unless of course its white or something very subtle. We are looking to bring out the elements around you instead, if you have a wooden table – let it be seen, use foliage as your centre piece surrounded by candles

Whilst it can look so confusing and like there is a lot going on, their really isn’t at all and a bit of making it yourself goes a long way with this rustic look. Who would have thought a bit of twig and some string could have so many endless possibilities

The New Blue

The biggest colour trend we have seen expand over the last few years has now hit Christmas (yes its still a trend I just painted the little man’s nursery in Hague Blue and it still look fabulous!)

The dark and mysterious shades of dark blue with a hint of gold are all very 3 Kings (someone pass me the frankincense) The look oozes luxury and elegance, and thankfully the high street shops are now packed with a massive range of items in these colours, including peacock, teal and purples.


Mix it with a touch of gold and you’re there, the key is to not be afraid with this one, it might all seem just to dark but honestly go for it (I do appreciate for those that know me I do love dark interiors so am slightly biased) But if you lay the table and set up like you normally would do, but do it with all dark shades – yes that’s right all of it, a half attempt won’t work it will look stunning. This one is all about the commitment!


Some may say this has a touch of the wedding feel to it, as this is really about a classic look stripped back to a soft white (instead of the unsightly red and green look from the 1990’s) but it is a definite Christmas trend look. You can incorporate a few of the rustic charms to sit alongside it which is where the Christmas element comes in for example using pine cones and festive candles.

What is so great about this look is you can usually achieve it very quickly and at a low cost using what you already have and just adding one or two things to give it that Christmas feel. It is for me a look that works better in the evening time, as the glow from the candles against a white backdrop will give it that snowy glistening feel, in the day it can look a little stark. So I suggest a hint of red/cranberry will give it the depth it needs for a daytime soiree


The thing that is great about using a metallic theme for your table is that you can make it your own. It can be as glitzy or contemporary as you want it to be and it will still look festive. The rise of all things rose gold and copper has enabled us to really have such a great variety to choose from. To get this finish its just about flipping a few key items as you can see, such as cutlery, plates and a few accessories. Backdrop should always be white or a natural finish such as marble to allow the metallic items to shine (excuse the pun mwah ha ha) through

The items you choose to flip are what will make it your style and I don’t think this is the last of this trend we will see. It is something I think will develop and grow for the next few years so stock up whilst you can


This is my favourite look for Christmas table decorations, but is one I will probably have to head out and buy everything for (sorry husband!) This gentle shift has only recently occurred as a Christmas table setting option, it is more suited to a Polpo restaurant or Shoreditch House Bar however is now very much in our homes. Think cool greys and black, with a hint of silver birch plant floating somewhere in the background. It is an odd name I appreciate for Christmas (how is industrial a festive thing I hear you shout at me) well it is more about the surge in industrial trend and how this has become a more current look becoming more familiar and being part of Christmas now too.

It does combine elements of the other trends: gold/metallic, dark colours, natural fabrics and simple colour palettes but it has a cooler and less fussed approach to all.

To complete this finish combine modern items such as the black plates and mix in with traditional classic items like cut glass wear mix it all with some festive foliage and gold and you’re all done. This is a great newer look for tables and one you can personalise to suite your festive colour throughout


Whatever route you choose, happy styling




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