September is a bit of a mad month for me, not only is there always so many social events (birthdays, weddings etc) but it is the month when literally the whole interior design world comes together for all the various shows around London – of which my aim is to attend all of them

Having a 4 month old baby however and not a vast amount of childcare available I could only make it Decorex this year, but with only the one show I managed to get so much inspiration that going to anything else I think would have been an unnecessary overload (which I gather may seem weird to hear when I am obsessed with interior design)

The show held in Syon Park albeit the grey skies still was so bright, regal and charming that I couldn’t wait to get in


The entrance alone already set the scene for how great the event was going to be with a collaboration from the fashion, floristry and interior design worlds, including the above from Larry Walshe

Whilst the array of fabulous exhibitor stands stood before me, temptations to have a nose were quickly oppressed due to me having to get to the seminar space ready for the next session. Which was with the wonderful Martin Hulbert from Martin Hulbert Designs and his Director Jay Grierson both interviewed by Carole Annett from Country & Town House


It was a great seminar and really interesting to listen to the different projects they have completed for both commercial and residential, which are both very close to my heart. Listening to how different elements come together from both locally sourced items to large pre designed sculptures for a project was a real eye opener and refreshing to hear that not everything has to be super expensive and bespoke – but can be random and incorporate local inspiration too

After the seminar I was off to have a look around the exhibitors stands and this is where I could start to see what are the big trends for this A/W 2017:


By far the biggest swing for me is towards soft furnishings, namely armchairs and sofa’s, they have already been massive this year and last year but now we are really starting to see a solidified look transcend throughout what we now would associate as the standard sofa. IMG_9685

Sofa & More Exhibit

For me, designs from Amode and Sofa & More at the show really summed up the basic and comprehensive design of our soft furnishings. A nod to 1930’s hotel luxury and 1970’s boudoir is where I would pin point the overall design. Yes I appreciate that is a hell of a mix  – but now they provide us with a much more versatile and well rounded finish that it really can be transported into any home.

Our single soft chairs are lower and more cosy now but still incorporate great overall design. It is the small details that really make these chairs and sofas look like they belong in a super cool and chic hotel bar we can see now, that I really love and think will continue into 2018



A-ha I hear you cry! Are you basically ripping off point 1……? Technically no, it is more of a follow on from point 1, this is about colour and how it really has got a hold of us for A/W soft furnishings. We have shifted from the bright jewelled colours to more muted tones that Amy Somerville greeted us with at the start of the exhibit



I think using these more dampened down versions of what we have previously seen is a lot of accessible for the home, it allows us to engage in a trend quickly without having to redecorate everything – as these tones can simply slot in



Sadly I am a little biased when it comes to this point as like some kind of deranged magpie I am always instantly drawn to lighting. But it is the best way to change a space, style and feel of anywhere! Trends for the rest of the year continue with the juxtaposition of old and new combined





We are shifting from 2016’s industrial style lighting back into something a little more traditional yet glam and I couldn’t be happier about it!!

The day was of course finished up in the beautifully designed Champagne Bar by Shalini Misra where it would have been rude not to have a cheeky glass and read some of the free design magazines such as Elle Decoration,  Country & Town House and English Home. Perfection




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