We have just returned from a fabulous 2 weeks away in Portugal on our first family vay-caaaaayyy; flights were survived by both myself and husband (wine helped courtesy of BA – does that make us bad parents….?) and we enjoyed spending time eating out, exploring and vegging poolside

But despite this I still was keen to get back home towards the end, embarrassingly due to the fact we had just finished the bathroom before we left and I wanted to spend some time in there – doing I don’t know what, but simply enjoying the newest and nicest room of the house due to the current refurbishment nightmare


The room we changed to the bathroom was originally a bedroom, as the current (avocado 1970’s inspired) bathroom didn’t have a loo and was very small. So we updated the smallest bedroom by squaring it off and changing the entrance door location.


The tiles we chose for the room were a daring black, when I told friends and family a look of bewilderment suddenly crept up behind their eyes (to be honest I think husband didn’t quite get it either but knew not to argue) Alongside this a black split face tile for all the alcove areas. The tiles were from Porcelanosa, again another confused look at the till from the husband when paying for them #eek but I explained that once the bathroom was complete he would understand why they were chosen


We included 4 alcove spaces, 1 in the shower and 3 by the bath for storage, even though I wish they could be just for displaying, family life doesn’t allow for much of this I hate admitting. We added in spotlights above to brighten up the split face and show of their great texture. Alongside this a fake ceiling was created so a strip light above the bath could be installed. Their is nothing worse then laying in a bath with a bright light over you head – totally unnecessary. Instead this “hidden” light created a softer mood and a focal point for the centre of the room when walking in


You can see how amazing the tiles look, this is taken before the glass shower went in and the toilet. We opted for a larger shower with the base sitting flush with the flooring tiles to create a seamless look


Here is the lighting above the bath including the spolights we had installed just at front  space of the bathroom and a pimped up central speaker system connected to Sonas (obviously not my idea but a good one courtesy of the hubby!)



The sanitary wear we went for was cubic style, including the modern cubed edged taps and the beautiful sink vanity from Bauhaus in a grey wooden effect which we hope provides a more sultry finish


The last thing to complete was the windows – the dated diamonds had to go and then the dressing of the space. I was keen to add a bit of natural colour against the black so green from lots of plants, preferably spikey ones, helped bring the bathroom to life (I am all for black but don’t want to feel as though I have been summoned to the grave just yet)







A few of the more detailed areas of the bathroom


I would love to hear what you think of the Bathroom or if you want to ask anything or share any of your images too. We are really pleased with our little haven, considering the rest of the house is like a bad 1980’s version of Hogwarts this room is a great first on the renovation list


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